The Birth of Hushies

The Birth of Hushies

I have fond memories of my mother singing lullabies to me at bedtime. My favorite lullaby was Hush Little Baby, Don't Say a Word. To this day, I can think about those nights and hear her singing in my head as clearly as she sang to me back then.

Lullabies are peaceful, soothing songs for babies and young children, and they're beneficial to their development. Lullabies have existed for thousands of years and are used all around the world. They're used to encourage sleep, to help develop communication skills, and support the emotional bonds between a baby and those who hold them close and sing to them.

My inspiration for Hushies came from my favorite lullaby. When I started this brand, I wasn't sure of which direction to take. I first explored the idea of drop shipping baby products, but after doing extensive research, and realizing that I wanted my brand on my products, I decided rebranding was a more suitable course for me. I knew Hushies would be a cute, catchy name, especially for baby products, and thought it'd make for a beautiful brand, so I followed my aspirations and I'm optimistic about the future of this business.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “no man is worth his salt who is not ready at all times to risk his well-being, to risk his body, to risk his life in a great cause.” Being an entrepreneur requires an ability to take calculated risks and make decisions that may leave you uneasy, but eventually, it may be the best decision you've ever made.

I believe in the importance of treasuring our memorable moments with our babies. They only stay little for so long and that time is so precious. If the adorable little outfits I've put my brand on are able to aid in maintaining the memories you make with your babies, the ones you can record and the ones you can't, I will have succeeded with my goal of choosing the best outfits to make available to you. We all want our babies safe and clothed, but we also want them looking their best, and I aim to provide stylish and reasonably priced clothing for your baby.

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I love this. Very well said and I will be honored to have my children wear this brand.

Cynthia Latif

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